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Phone Hacking: Madeleine McCann And Johann Hari Used To Bash News Of The World And Lying Labour

by | 7th, July 2011

PHONE hacking: The Mail and Telegraph lead with news that families of soldiers killed in battle might have had their phones hacked.If true, Anorak has one questions: why?

The News of The World has been accused of intercepting voicemails left on the phones of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, the parents of murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and families of victims of the 7/7 attacks. Were the police complicit in this snooping – happy for the media to do the dirty work?

We don’t mind much when the paper snoops on the rich and famous – but when they spy on us we blanche. (Although, of course, the Government and big business do the all the time – and where’s the protest? Read here.)

In the Telegraph former Tory polecat Lord Norman Tebbitt says that the Left-leaning journalists are not so clean – like Independent columnist Johann Hari:

There can be no excuses for what was done by investigators or journalists in the pay of editorial executives at The News Of The World. However, it would take a strong stomach not to be revolted at the smug, self satisfied journalists of the Left, who were ready with excuses for one of their kind recently uncovered as having regularly stolen the work of other writers and made a living by passing it off as his own, but are writhing with delight at the exposure, humiliation and possible downfall of their enemies in the far more popular and successful Murdoch press.

The Guardian is lapping the news up. And that is the same Guardian that featured illegally obtained “leaks” from Wikileaks.

Labour leader Ed Miliband sees his chance:

I am disgusted by the latest allegations about the hacking of the families of fallen soldiers. If true, they represent a gross and shocking betrayal of our heroic service people and their loved ones. It is grotesque beyond belief that these actions are alleged to have been committed on behalf of a news organisation committed to the military covenant. It reinforces the need for the police to do their work and for a public inquiry to be swiftly established so that justice can be done and the truth established.

Gross and shocking betrayals. He’s right. It’s revolting. But might this be the same Labour Party that produced a dodgy dossier and on the back of the UK being 45-minutes from annihilation by Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (still not found) went to war with Iraq?

(Was there a foreign government behind the 9/11 attacks? A decade later, Americans still haven’t been given the whole story, while a key 28-page section of Congress’s Joint Inquiry report remains censored.)

Meanwhile, the Express uses the story of phone hacking to restore a favourite story to its front page: Madeleine McCann:


According to the Express that Kate and Gerry McCann’s phones were hacked – a story first reported on back on January 2011 – is bigger than a dead soldier’s family being targeted.

The rival newspapers are rejoicing in the News of The World’s fall from a low pedestal – it’s giving them something to write about and campaign for…


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Actor Hugh Grant outside the Houses of Parliament in London, where a debate was being held into the allegations of phone hacking by journalists.

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