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London Councillor With SHooting Conviction Can Keep His Job

by | 7th, July 2011

STEPHEN Govier is the independent Southwark councillor (formerly Labour until the Party whip was removed when his past came to light) who served three years of a six year sentence in California for assault with a handgun. He can stay in his role because there is nothing in the rules banning him from holding public office.

The Local Government Act 1972 only bans people from standing for election if their conviction was in the UK or its dependencies and in the past five years.

It was back in May 1997 that Govier shot Martin DeLuca in West Hollywood. The BBC reports:

..the man he shot, actor and producer Martin DeLuca, went to 611 North Curson Avenue in West Hollywood to buy cocaine. The man supplying him was a former friend but the transaction went badly wrong. Shot in the head at point blank range by local cocaine dealer and then addict Stephen Govier, Mr DeLuca claims he was left for dead.

Says Mr DeLuca:

“He shot me with this huge gun. Just pointed it straight at my head and I turned to one side and boom. He just shot me… I stayed in hospital for a month, I was blind, paralysed and needed constant help at home for nearly two years. Doctors said I would never see again, would not recover my speech and would always suffer from loss of hearing. But I was determined to live.”

On 24 June 2002, Govier was released on parole from prison in California and deputed to the UK.

The Streathem Guardian heard from Mr Govier back in February. He told the paper:

“In the 1990s I was living in California. I shot and wounded an intruder in my house. I was convicted of offences involving the use of a firearm and given a prison sentence.”

Says Mr Govier on the BBC:

“After serving a prison sentence in the US, having accepted my own wrongdoing, I returned to the UK and my life and work has been in and for the community. Having put behind me the horrendous experiences of some 14 years ago, I remain committed to continuing to serve the community.”

What of this present? The BBC reports:

Mr Govier was this week convicted of a drink driving offence and banned from driving 20 months at Camberwell Green court.

Want to know how he busies himself?

Lambeth Business Against Crime is a partnership between the business community and statutory agencies and operates within protocols agreed by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Office of the Information Commissioner. The charity’s website states its objectives include reducing crime and fear of crime, and reducing violence.

Anyone got any ideas how that can be best achieved?

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