Anorak News | Cheryl Cole And Simon Cowell Are Going To Kiss And Make-Up

Cheryl Cole And Simon Cowell Are Going To Kiss And Make-Up

by | 8th, July 2011

HATE! That’s all that has floated between Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell since the Girls Aloud singer got unceremoniously dumped from X Factor USA. Paula Abdul was in there, stirring the pot and making things worse like some horrific teen-film snide.

Of course, this might not be strictly true. Cheryl may have understood completely and thought “these things happen at work sometimes. C’est la vie.” Are we suggesting that this whole fall-out was a construct of the media? Heaven forfend!

If that’s the case, the story must be running out of juice because now it’s rumoured that the pair are burying the hatchet and going to play nice again after nearly two whole months of cutting ties with each other.

A source revealed to heat magazine, a most reputable organisation:

“Cheryl and Simon had a long conversation and they’ve agreed to patch things up. Simon had texted Cheryl numerous times with no reply and Cheryl finally called him and broke down about everything that had happened.

“She admitted that she was very bitter and took a lot of it out on him. It was a very emotional chat, and at one point she just broke down crying and even apologise for all the embarrassment it had caused.”

“She said that not having him in her life wasn’t an option, and she missed his constant companionship and advice.”

The advice centres around this: Keep your friends close, but your waistband higher. Or something.

Anyway, this all sets up X Factor UK very nicely. Cheryl can make a triumphant return and everyone can buy into Britain’s best soap opera all over again.



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