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That Light Bulb Ban Helps The Rich Get Richer

by | 12th, July 2011

OK, so this is about the US but the same point applies over here with the EU ban on the incandescent light bulbs.

The initiative also had the support of lighting manufacturers.

Yes, the ban did have the backing of the major light bulb manufacturers so obviously it’s a really good law, right?

You friggin’ kiddin’ me?

Of course the major manufacturers like the ban!

So, there are three major light bulb manufacturers around the world: Philips, Osram and GE. They’ve all got lovely new, really expensive, designs for compact fluorescents, LED bulbs. Designs that are larded about with patents and no one else can or is allowed to make these wondrous new products.

They’ve invested hundreds of millions at least, if not billions, in making these beautiful, super, bulbs. But no sod wants to buy them. Expensive and shitty they are.

On the other hand, they’ve these old factories which turn out the old incandescents. They’re really cheap to make, really easy to make. In fact, everyone and their Chinese granny seems to be making them out East. And because everyone’s Chinese granny is making them there’s lots of competition (not the nice, gentlemanly, three company competition where no one tries too, too hard, but the real, cut-throat, slice the margins to the bone sort) and no profit to be seen anywhere. Hell, even the supermarkets are buying their own brand ones from somewhere in Shenzen these days.

So, what to do, what to do: ah, yes, let’s ban anyone from buying those nice cheap ones that they like, those nice cheap ones we can’t make a profit on, those nice cheap ones where we’re being beaten down by a bunch of slant-eyed geriatric peasants. And make everyone buy our nice expensive ones where we can make lovely profits.

Trebles all round!

Jeebus, don’t people understand anything at all about corporate lobbying?

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