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Dr Who’s TARDIS Is Relocated To A Portaloo On BBC3

by | 13th, July 2011

DR Who is so very modern and cutting edge since the Doctor managed to become as young looking as his lovely assistants.

It is odd while the Time Lord gets younger his female sidekick remains nubile and, therefore, shaggable. People see this as a good thing. It is. Dr Who is no longer some creepy old guffer a growing lad would brave the ladies loos to avoid following into the public facilities. Had Dr Who not gone young, the other option was to relocate the TARDIS into a portaloo and morph the sidekick into a nascent gay young man on BBC3.

This new Dr Who can be photogenic. His sidekick can be his love interest. The Doctor is also very theatrical and speaks in a stage whisper. The show features terrible comedy moments and a mawkishness that would make Mork puke in Mindy‚Äôs hair. In short, it’s got one eye on the American market.

But it is still one of the best things on the magic box.

The reason Dr Who is in our sights is that The Doctor Who Experience has recreated a classic Doctor Who story, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, from 1964 on Westminster Bridge in central London, using four generations of Daleks from the series. The Doctor Who Experience runs at London’s Olympia until November. The actual TV show might not be returning for all that long given that the next series is not a full one…

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