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J Lo And Ex To Star In Awkward Reality TV Show Together

by | 18th, July 2011

THE whole world was rocked to its firey foundation when Jennifer Lopez and someone called Marc Anthony (aka Booty & The Beast) decided to call time on their relationship!

‘You seemed so happy together!’, ‘You were the most perfect couple in the history of humanity!’, ‘Why didn’t you let us see that sex tape where you got your lovely bum spanked Jennifer?!’ cried humans into the ether, hoping that their words would float on the winds and into the sculpted ears of J Lo and that guy she was seeing.

Fear not celebcouple fans! You see, just because they’ve split up doesn’t mean we won’t see them together anymore. Far from it. That’s because they’re going to both honour their commitment to a reality show they’d signed up to do.

How brilliantly awkward that’s going to be. Or… y’know… they’ll both be irritatingly sweet and professional with each other, making for the most dull television show ever aired.

The show they’ll be in is, brilliantly, called “Q’Viva!,” and looks to be a celebration of Latin music, artistry and dance, and will film in the Fall (that’s the American term for Autumn, rather than a show being broadcast from Mark E. Smith’s stomach) in South America with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony hosting.

This is the first joint TV project for J Lo and Marc, and timed perfectly for them to split after seven years of wedlock.

There’s a tip for you then. Never work at the same job as your partner. It will only end up killing the one beautiful, worthwhile thing in your life. Misery awaits this astonishingly wealthy pair, obviously.


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