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Jonnie Marbles And The Young Mr Rupert Murdoch Tweets

by | 19th, July 2011

AFTER Murdoch R’s marvellous Young Mr Grace act (of Are You being Served? fame) at the select committee hearing today, it was entirely in keeping with the theatrical atmosphere that an idiotic anarchist comedian called Jonnie Marbles (aka Jonathan May-Bowles) should do his bit to turn Wendi Deng into an action hero. I’m going to ask her to guest-edit this blog. You need sharp reflexes in this job and a fearless approach to┬áretribution.
Mr Marbles is of course on Twitter (@JonnieMarbles) and the tweeted build up to his shaving cream pie assault on Rupes is riveting:

‘The queue for the select committee is already 50 people long. It’s like a shit festival.’

‘Apparently, if you keep your souvenir Select Committee wristband, you get a free beer next time Murdoch gives evidence.’

‘The SWP have arrived. Bloody protesters’.

‘Rupert Murdoch appears to be going senile.’

‘One gets the sense that they haven’t really done the required reading ahead of their presentation. Think they may fail this module.’

‘It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat.’

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