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Competition In The NHS: David Cameron’s Whizz-Kidz Milk Sick Kidz

by | 20th, July 2011

DAVID Cameron’s such a bastard, inn’e? Taking services out of the glorious NHS and passing them over to outsiders. I mean, look at what they’re offering out now!

The government will open up more than £1bn of NHS services to competition from private companies and charities, the health secretary announced on Tuesday, raising fears it will lead to the privatisation of the health service.

In the first wave, beginning in April, eight NHS areas – including …. wheelchair services for children,

Will you look at that! They’re going to let people make money out of crippled children. Can you imagine the inhumanity of it all? Profit? Sick kids?

Just look at what’s actually happening, where they’re already doing this:

  • Whizz-Kidz is a charity that was set up in 1990 to provide disabled children with essential wheelchairs and other mobility equipment to help them lead fun and active lives.
  • Disabled children in Tower Hamlets were facing waiting times of over two years for powered wheelchairs.
  • Whizz-Kidz started working with NHS Tower Hamlets in 2007 to help them deliver a more child focused wheelchair service for the disabled children in the borough. Since that time, the partnership has grown and the charity continues to deliver the wheelchair service for children and young people up to 25 years old. Co-located with the PCT’s adult service, Whizz-Kidz therapists – experts in paediatric mobility – assess all children and young people referred to the service and prescribe mobility equipment that take account of their educational, social and clinical needs, enabling them to lead independent, full and active lives.
  • Working together Whizz-Kidz and NHS Tower Hamlets have cleared the waiting list and increased the number of children who benefit. Whizz-Kidz have been able to provide high specification and more appropriate equipment than could be purchased by the PCT alone.
  • User satisfaction has improved and children receive wheelchairs, on average, within six weeks of referral.

It’s a diabolical liberty I tell you. Waiting times down from two years to six weeks, more kids getting their wheelchairs, a better service all around and no more money being spent either.

How could they be such bastards as to split up the NHS just for that? Don’t they know that the NHS is the envy of the world?

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