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Rebecca Leighton: Daily Mail Produces ‘Victims’ Of An Unproven Crime

by | 21st, July 2011

NURSE REBECCA Leighton has been arrested on suspicion of murdering three patients at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital. The Mirror says Becki Leighton is being held by “saline serial killer cops”.

Who knew that the police had an entire division devoted to saline serial killers?

Of course, Leighton is only a suspect Still, the Mail wants its readers to play armchair detective – why should saline serial killer cops get all the fun? It’s front page asks:


Did she deliberately sabotage containers of harmless saline solution by injecting insulin into them? Was anyone murdered?

The Times reports:

Ms Arden, a grandmother from Stockport, was being treated for illnesses associated with multiple sclerosis earlier this month, but died after her condition inexplicably deteriorated.

The condition of Mr Keep, who had lung cancer and was recovering from a fractured hip, went downhill when he was put on a saline drip for rehydration. He died last Thursday.

Mr Lancaster, a retired photographer, died the same week. A fourth patient, a man in his forties, is still critically ill and a hospital spokesman said that he remained “very poorly”.

But beneath a photo, the paper declares:

Victims: Tracey Arden, 44, George Keep, 84, and Arnold Lancaster, 71, who died at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport

Victims of what? Stress? On her Facebook page, Leighton wrote that she was “shattered”. And:

“God it [sic] hard work x”.

July 4: “Really really don’t want to go to work 🙁 xx.”

Over in the Mail, this all becomes:

Rebecca Leighton’s Facebook pages tell of a frantic social life that helped her cope with the stress of work.

She did write:

“Worst night’s sleep ever last nite, now for 14 hr shift aggghhhhhhh”

In another post she put: ‘Bad bad day follow(ed) by wine is a must.’

This becomes the Mail’s:

Wine lover: Rebecca Leighton wrote of her love of partying and was often seen at her local corner shop buying rose wine and cigarettes

Did the ciggies and booze make her do it?

In one picture, Leighton is seen downing a bottle of wine.

Isn’t red wine good for you? Didn’t the Mail tell us of it health benefits?

As for her state of mind, what about this Facebook entry:

“Well what can i say, im a happy go lucky kinda gal, loves the wkend (if im not workin) and having a laugh with the people that i call friends [sic] for a reason.”

How is that frantic to go out with pals on the weekend?

Were there any witnesses to her behaviour?

At a convenience store near her Stockport home, proprietor Hamid Bayatpoor, 47, said: “She comes in all the time in her nurse’s uniform and buys wine and cigarettes – Echo Falls rosé and packets of 20 or 40 Mayfair.”


“At the weekend she comes in all dressed up, wearing a party dress.”

Oh, aye…

“She’s a very nice girl, always laughing and smiling – I’m very surprised she’s been arrested.”

Such are the facts…


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