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Lindsay Lohan Too Broke For Psychological Treatment

by | 22nd, July 2011

WHAT does Lindsay Lohan do again? We can’t honestly remember. Is she some kind of clown? Either way, she’s constantly in the press for bad behaviour and reports of her brain capsizing like a champ.

After a series of brushes with the law, she’s been in-and-out of court more times than the Apple patent chaps. And now, being sued by a rehab worker who says LiLo twisted her arm a bit, she’s going through it all again.

And, while there, it appears that she’s let on she’s broke. According to her lawyer, Lohan can’t afford court-ordered psychological treatment.

Shawn Chapman Holley told a judge that Lindsay hasn’t been able to maintain UCLA psycholoicgical treatment due to “financial issues”. Judge Stephanie Sautner was steely-eyed and unsympathetic, saying that “she’s got to find someone to help her out“.

This has been refuted by Lohan, who is arguing that she can’t attend more affordable counselling because those pesky paparazzi sorts would disrupt the session. Meanwhile, she’s been told that she’s going to be on probation for the next three years, which means that, if she’s going to be any fun for us braying idiots, she’s going to have to be creative in her attempts to get into trouble.


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