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Toygers: A Tiger Crossed With A Pet Cat (Photos)

by | 25th, July 2011

JUST IN time for Christmas (and the end of the world), we present The Toyger.  It’s a toy tiger that acts just like a real pet cat!

The name ‘Toyger’ comes from the the words Toy and Tiger. The Toyger was founded by Judy Sugden of EEYAAS Cattery in the USA. The Toyger is the result of a cross between a striped Domestic Short Hair and a Standard Bengal Tabby. This resulted in a striped Cat which after many years of hard work resembles a ‘mini Tiger’. The Toyger is a designer breed and currently still being developed.

I”ll take a dozen:

Breeder’s are striving to give this stunning breed the true look of a mini tiger over the coming years. Many of the features proposed have never been seen in a domestic cat. Progress is slow but steady. It could be several years before the Toyger truly resembles the wild tiger, although the founder is aiming at 2010. Judy Sugden says that with a few more years of breeding, her Toygers will look even more like the real thing, with ears that are shorter, smaller eyes, a bigger chin and a wider nose tip.

We have glimpsed the future and it is grrrrrreat!


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