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Everyones’ Getting Stuck In A Hole

by | 27th, July 2011

ARE you on trend in ago-ahead kind of way? If you are, you are most likely reading this while sat down a hole. Anorak has been struck by a spate of hole-related news stories:

1. What D’Yer Think of It Sewer Far?

Yuan Fan, 32, had been out for a drink in Kunming, the capital city in the Yunnan province of south Western China. He gets into a row. To avoid a fight he spots an open manhole and dives in…to the sewer. He then starts to sing. Help arrives. Says a local emergency worker:

“Once we pulled him out he said thank you and then fell asleep. When we woke him up he made his thanks again and then set off in the direction of what we assume was his home.”

2. Snake Hole Surfer

Kevin Gonterman, 25, was found alive in a 30-foot deep manhole in League City, about 25 miles outside of Houston.

He had been missing for two days. How did eh get into the sewer?

We do not know. But while in it he was bitten by snakes.

3. Quakers!

Denise Brooks, 65 – who cannot swim – spent 90 minutes clinging to a rope after falling into the well full of water at her home in Abbots Morton, Worcestershire.

She had been trying to free a water pump to fill her duck pond when she fell, leaving her up to her neck in water.

Are we seeing the birth of a trend – or, lest it go unsaid, a new endurance sport..?

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