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Why Did Stephanie Knight Lure Two Teenagers Into A Rape Trap In Lancashire?

by | 3rd, August 2011

STEPHANIE Knight, of Blackburn, Lancashire, was 17 when she lurid two 16-year-old girls on a night out in December 2009 to be raped by three men.
Knight, 19, has been jailed. So too have her “boys” – brothers Amjad Hussain, 34, of Sharples Street, Accrington, and Shahid Hussain, 37, of Drake Street, Rochdale, and their cousin, Tanveer Butt, 39, of St Albans Street, Rochdale.

At Burnley Crown Court today, Knight, who has been in care since the age of 11, claimed she was “shocked” when the girls were taken to a house with no electricity in Accrington. She said she had met Amjad Hussain six months earlier when he pulled up beside her in the street and asked for her mobile phone number. They were soon an item.

She says that Amjad Hussain persuaded her to perform sex acts on his brother and cousin.

Amjad Hussain (pictured) said the sex with the two victims was consensual. Butt declared:

“I swear on almighty God, who is watching me now, I have never picked up Stephanie Knight, that is a lie… I have made mistakes. I have been to a massage parlour but I have never touched a woman in this position. I don’t go round picking up little girls.”

One of the victims told police she used to get into cars with men she did not know and perform oral sex on them.

The jury delivered its verdict:

Knight, of Queen Street, Rawtenstall, Amjad Hussain, of Sharples Street, Accrington, and Tanveer Butt, of St Albans Street, Rochdale, were each convicted of two counts of conspiracy to rape, between December 4 and 7, 2009.

Shahid Hussain, of Drake Street, Rochdale, was convicted of three counts of rape, Knight and Butt were found guilty of aiding and abetting rape, Butt was also convicted of one count of rape, and Amjad Hussain was also found guilty of three rape allegations and one count of assault by penetration.

Shahid Hussain was cleared of two allegations of conspiracy to rape by the jury, on the direction of Judge Beverley Lunt.

Butt, a married man, was found not guilty by the jury of two rape charges.

This is grim story of abuse and depravity. What will the media and the politically minded make of it..?

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