Anorak News | Mark Duggan, Anders Breivik And Jean Charles de Menezes: Cressida Dick’s Dum-Dum Police Shoot To Kill

Mark Duggan, Anders Breivik And Jean Charles de Menezes: Cressida Dick’s Dum-Dum Police Shoot To Kill

by | 8th, August 2011

MARK Duggan, Anders Breivik, Jean Charles de Menezes, Cressida Dick and those Dum-Dum bullets banned by the Geneva Convention. Alan White reports:

AFTER Norway’s mass-murderer Anders Breivik started firing few of those who were hit had any chance of survival.

He was using hollow point ammunition or ‘dum-dum’ bullets during his killing spree – after first impact the bullet shreds and tears through large sections of flesh causing terrible internal and exit wounds.

According to the outraged Daily Mail on July 26:

“The chief surgeon at a hospital treating victims of Norway’s camp massacre said the killer used special bullets designed to disintegrate inside the body and cause maximum internal damage. Dr Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss north west of Oslo, said surgeons had recovered no full bullets. He said: ‘These bullets more or less exploded inside the body. These bullets inflicted internal damage that’s absolutely horrible.’”

So horrible, the use of Dum Dum ammunition is forbidden by the Geneva Convention. No country may allow its soldiers to use Dum-Dum bullets in any form when fighting or quelling enemy civilian riots. If they do the leaders of the countries allowing the use of hollow point bullets would be charged with War Crimes.

Read that again if you like.

No country in the world is allowed to use Dum-Dum bullets within it’s armed forces.

Not so the civilian authorities. Police in the UK and most of the rest of world world consider themselves exempt from the provisions of the Geneva Conventions and all are armed with bullets which explode and cause fatal wounds even if badly aimed and missing vital organs. Most British police weapons would rip the arm from a normal and healthy human if a bullet impacted there.

While London burns can we point out a couple of things:

Dum-Dum bullets are forbidden…until the police are using them

The police NEVER shoot to wound. The Rules of Engagement for police officers is to fire two hollow point rounds directly into the chest.

This is the Double Tap favoured by the Special Forces as the SAS and SBS. (Who would also be armed with hollow-point ammunition when shooting at fellow country men and woman).

There has never been a UK Police shoot to warn or wound policy. It has always been Shoot to Kill. When a firearm (in some cases air rifle or air pistol) is as much as pointed in the direction of Police Officers in, say, North or West Yorkshire Forces recently there has not EVER been a case where the culprit was not shot and killed. No trial, no wounds…Dead.

The police use Dum-Dum bullets because they can not and will never give an opportunity for an armed suspect to shoot them.

There is no negotiation down a gun sight, death is the only result.

If only two bullets were fired when Mark Duggan was shot and killed in Tottenham the first question which has to be asked is; Was the double Tap system not carried out? If it was then there should have been three shots not the two according to versions already leaked by police.

Second question: What role did, or does the police officer who led the botched operation that ended with the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes have in all this.
She has been made head of counter-terrorism at the Metropolitan Police Service.

Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, 51, was given the new responsibility following the resignation of John Yates, who stepped down in the wake of the phone hacking scandal.

Not a lady most would care to upset. She’s the woman who gave the orders for police to shoot dead Jean Charles de Menezes.


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