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Essex Boy Juggles With Live Bombs

by | 9th, August 2011

AS the youth riot in London, Ben Stannard, 13, tosses the World War Two bombs in the air over Margaretting, Essex, and starts to juggle.

Ben, a Hylands School pupil, tells the Essex Chronicle:

“I was waiting for my mum to pick me up and they caught my eye. I thought they were strange, but just bits of concrete, so I started to throw them up and down. Then I noticed the serial number on one of them. When my granddad died he left me a shell casing and it had similar numbers, so I grew concerned, put them down gently and told my mum when she arrived.”

Says mum Molly:

“I didn’t take him seriously at first. He is always scavenging around and finding all sorts of different things. I am an antique dealer and get him all sorts of stuff, and he likes collecting things. But when he told me about the serial number, I told him to stay away from them and we told the farmer. He called the police, and the bomb squad then came along, confirmed they were incendiary bombs – probably hidden by the Home Guard as they were English. They then put sandbags around them and promptly blew them up. I thought I am so glad they didn’t go off when he was holding them.”

Or while on a day trip to London…

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