Anorak News | Cher Lloyd Advises That X Factor Hopefuls Should ‘Get Out, Now!’

Cher Lloyd Advises That X Factor Hopefuls Should ‘Get Out, Now!’

by | 12th, August 2011

REASONABLE verse, terrible chorus. That’s the honest, non-emotive review of Cher Lloyd’s recent number one, ‘Swagger Jagger‘. See, someone needs to be emotionless about it because, for some inexplicable reason, everyone’s got apeshit over it, unable to do anything other than adore it endlessly, or berate it like it’s a mass murder.

And it’s the latter that has invariably been causing this young singer to have some headaches of late. Relatively speaking, things have been kinda tough. Not ‘locked up in Fritzl’s basement’ tough, nor indeed, ‘had all your stock nicked by looters’ difficult. Y’know, more a case of, ‘abused by strangers for singing a song they didn’t really like and weren’t forced to buy or indeed, listen to’.

So, when it comes to advice for new popstars, what does the 18 year old have to say?

“Run away. Get out now!”

Ah. Not the advice we expected. But wait, there’s more.

“I’m joking, just keep your head down. Don’t get involved with everything and don’t go in a little dream world thinking that everything’s all fair and nice.”

“Work hard as well, and get as far as you can. Even if you just get fifth or fourth it’s amazing. I didn’t win so…I turned out alright. I think.”

So there you go wannabes. Work hard and grow a skin so thick that absolutely no emotion connects with you, so one day, you can stand up in public and say ‘I turned out alright… I think.’

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