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Fake Roman Gladiators Fight By Colosseum

by | 12th, August 2011

TO Italy with the Guardian for the Fight Of The Week AND The Caption of The Week:

For the first time perhaps since the fall of the Roman empire, a group of centurions faces prosecution for mounting an assault on brother officers just a few paces from the Forum.

The show at the Colosseum was more impressive than usual:

The officers posing as centurions were reportedly approached and threatened in the Piazza Venezia by the three men who were subsequently arrested. An argument broke out, and swords – albeit wooden ones – were soon cleaving the air.

Unknown to the trio, a party of street cleaners at work nearby was also made up of undercover police officers. On seeing their colleagues attacked, they sprang into action and, watched by bemused tourists, clamped handcuffs on the aggressors.

The caption to the photo of an arrest:

Italian undercover police arrest a phony gladiator outside the monument to king Vittorio Emanuele in Rome.

That policeman who stands outside 221b Baker Street had best watch out…

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