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Sir Lanka In Fear Of Grease Devil Rapists

by | 14th, August 2011

THE Grease Devils (aka grease yaka or the bhuthaya) are Sri Lankan man who smear their bodies in grease – naked save for underwear – and sexually assault women.

Police have arrested at least 47 of them in a purge.

These perverts believe grease makes them too slippery to catch.

But do they exist? The Indian Express produces a confusing yet somewhat arcane report:

In a latest incident a police station in the eastern region of Pottuvil has come under siege of residents since this morning, who have been demanding the release of a grease devil.

Yesterday in the central region of Haputale, two suspected grease devils were done to death by the residents.

Reuters says the protesters wanted the man released to lynch him:

“The story we hear is he comes and bites young women’s necks and breasts. Despite several complaints, the police have failed to act on that and in fact in two places have released the culprits,” a 36-year-old airline ticketing agent from the Hill Country district of Matale said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of upsetting authorities.

But are they real? Are people dying on a myth? Police spokesman SP Prishantha Jayakody is forthright:

“Certain media give publicity to some fabricated stories to make people scared. The stories started when seven women were killed at Kahawatta. But all suspects are now in custody..

“Recently some women had caught some `super natural forces’ and grease devils and found that they were from their own neighbourhood. Some women admitted that the persons who attacked them were not grease yakas but their own husbands who were under the influence of liquor. They had lied to the police to prevent their husbands from getting arrested.”

Meanwhile on the telly:

State TV has been broadcasting a photo of a man the police say is a suspect, his face covered in white greasepaint, with the message that the grease devil is not real.

Anyone else see a problem with showing fearful people the face of what they fear and the officials say is not real? Still, even if you do belive in Grease Devils, you now know that they can be captured…

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