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Why Was Facebook Murder Plot Victim Corey White Killed?

by | 16th, August 2011

COREY White, 22, has been shot dead in Philadelphia. His lover, 20-year-old London Eley, allegedly offered $1,000 on Facebook for someone to kill him. She advertised thus:

“I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.”

A worker came forward. Timothy Bynum, 18, allegedly responded:

“Say no more … what he look like … where he be at … need that stack 1st”

Both Bynum and Eley were arrested mid June. White and his aunt saw the message and told the police.

Said White:

“I just took it upon myself to go ahead and make sure that I wouldn’t have any done to me. On pictures that [Bynum] has, he has guns his pictures on Facebook. So of course you wouldn’t take anything like that lightly.”


White had taken the stand and testified against Eley and Bynum at an earlier hearing.White was shot dead last Monday.

Fox News reports:

Homicide investigators said White got into an argument with the occupants of a brown car and a man got out of the vehicle and shot him.

“There are a couple of other theories out there,” Capt. James Clark said. Police had also been trying to track down White for questioning because they believed he may have been the getaway driver in a nightclub shooting last month.”

Why did the other of their child want Corey White dead?

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