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Jedward Will Be In The Celebrity Big Brother House, Of Course

by | 17th, August 2011

THERE is absolutely no surprise that John and Edward (or Jedward from now on because they really don’t deserve to have separate names really, given that, together, they equate to less than your average human being) have been strongly linked to Five’s Celebrity Big Brother 2011.

Basically, when you’ve no discernible skill, other than a constant source of wonder at the world, coupled with the ability to take the English language and mangle it into something curious and baffling, you’re always going to gravitate toward a show that essentially prolongs your career without having to do anything more than sit on a sofa, occasionally cook, have drunken quarrels, shag under kitchen tables and perform a vaguely humiliating tasks in a garden.

Essentially, it’s fresher’s week for celebrities.

John (he only gets one letter in Jedward) has said, remarkably:

‘I don’t think £1 million’s enough, I think it’s below estimate… rumours are called rumours because they’re not always true. Going on Big Brother would be the craziest thing ever.’

However, while John says one thing, Louis Walsh is saying something entirely different, confirming that the odd little boys will be entering the BB house tomorrow.

He says:

‘It’s a great move. They’re getting paid a lot of money for it and everyone loves them.’

They’ll be joined by Sally Bercow, the wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow. You couldn’t care less about her could you, unless she has a nervous breakdown or kills herself on-air or something.

Kerry Katona and Tara Reid look likely to join them as well, basically because they’ve got nothing better to do.

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