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Amazing Photo Of Fairy Captured In Mexico

by | 18th, August 2011

WITH so much rioting and money woes to report on, the UK press is in danger of undoing years of hard yakka that has created the Ausust Silly Season. So. We are forced to journey to Mexico, where Jose Maldonado, an unemployed 22-year-old bricklayer, has captured a live fairy. If you give him some cash you can see it. One news organ coughed up the readies and thanks to them you can see the fairy bathing in a dish of formaldehyde – a fairy’s favourite bath time treat.

Says he:

“I was picking guavas and I saw a twinkling. I thought it was a firefly. I picked it up and felt that it was moving; when I looked at it I knew that it was a fairy godmother.”

So. He instantly grabbed and killed it.

Lest you doubt that this is an actual pickled fairy, a Cesar Ramirez raises his hand and speaks:

“I’ve seen everything and, yes, I believe the fairy is real. Therefore, I wanted to come to confirm that those myths are true.”

We need no more proof. The fairy is real. The only disappointment is that Maldonado never thought to sticks pins in its yes to make it tell him where the Easter Kangaroo has been hiding…

Spotter: LAT

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