Anorak News | Celebrity Big Brother: Amy Childs’s Breasts At War

Celebrity Big Brother: Amy Childs’s Breasts At War

by | 19th, August 2011

HOW talented is Amy Childs? Well, she is more talented in parts than the entire body of Tara Reid and Kerry Katona. The Daily Star’s front-page headline yells:

Amy: My Boobs Will Win Big Bro

Amy might be at war with herself because there can be only one winner on Celebrity Big Brother. Anorak suggests Amy’s left breast sets the pace, falling out her top in a week’s time before leaving the field to the right breast, which, with its better styling, roundness and recession busting tap dancing routine, will win the show. Maybe the breasts could row and trigger a sibling rivalry not seen in showbiz since Liam and Noel Gallagher last fell out.

CAN Associates, call me – I have ideas…


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