Anorak News | Tabloids Set About Destroying X Factor Blonde Kitty Brucknell With Sex, Lies And Videotape

Tabloids Set About Destroying X Factor Blonde Kitty Brucknell With Sex, Lies And Videotape

by | 22nd, August 2011

WITH Colonel Gaddafi about to be toppled in Libya, the tabloid media scouts about for another enemy of the people and settles on…Kitty Brucknell. Kitty, already billed as the new “HATED’ Katie Waissel, has been auditioning for stardom on the X Factor.

The Sun uses its front page to pun:

“Sex and the Kitty – singer was “honeytrap’ paid to catch cheats”.

News is that Kitty held down an honest job.

X FACTOR star Kitty Brucknell worked as a private detective agency’s “honeytrap” girl – luring men into cheating on their partners…

Luring? Anorak imagines Kitty beckoning with a naked finger from behind a curtain on which is written “Blondes this way”. All the while she sings the Sirens’ song, tempting the hapless men with the puplar refreain: Is my body too bootylicious for ya babe? As ever, the women is the wrong ‘un and the man just the hapless fool:

A victim spotted the blonde, 26, on Saturday’s show. Her job was to entrap targets into kissing or touching her. Hidden photographers recorded the moment and tell-tale snaps were passed to suspicious women, who paid upwards of £2,000 to the agency Executive Honeytraps for the evidence. Kitty’s past was exposed by Dalbir Virdee, 37, whose ex-wife Puishpinda Matharu used photos taken of him with Kitty in her 2008 divorce from him.

The couple were getting along like a house of fire before Kitty trapped her “victim”..?

Says Dalbir:

“She’s a deceitful liar and tried to ruin my life. I got approached on Facebook by a girl calling herself Kim, who said she thought I was good looking.”

The pair then met at the Fifth Floor Bar of London’s Harvey Nichols department store.

“I had a feeling I was being set up. We had champagne, which she spilled down her front. I realise it was a ploy to get me to rub it off her. She kept trying to sit very close to me and put her head on my shoulder.”

Married man meet singe blonde he met online in bar for champagne and conversations on plate tectonics… Go on:

“She said she felt unwell and did this sort of pretend swoon. When I leaned over to help her, she quickly planted a kiss on my mouth. She was very flirtatious and kept trying to get me in positions where I would touch her. She made out she was a model but I could tell she wasn’t.”

While streetwise and model-wise Dalbir creates front-page news about his lunch – and how they went on another date with Kitty from which she made an excuse about needing a cigarette and left – the Mail says that it’s Kitty whose the cheat:

“X Factot hit by new claims ‘it’s a fix'”

Claims by..?

Television executives have been accused of targeting a professional singer to encourage her to enter The X Factor after spotting her in an internet video.

Well, yes. They do this every year. It;s called research. Matt Cardle won last year’s show – he had had a band and a recording contract before he won.

Nevertheless, there have been suggestions Miss Brucknell – a professional impersonator of both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears – was ‘headhunted’ by producers, adding to claims the show is more stage-managed than it would like viewers to believe.

Is the Mail slow of learnibng? The X Factor is TV show – it is cynical and manipulative by design.

And then this bilge:

It was claimed the TV executives had targeted Miss Brucknell, from Cheltenham, after seeing her singing in an internet video. Indeed, Miss Brucknell’s mother Mary said: ‘She’d never thought about going on the show before.’

That’s a pretty anodyne comment , isn’t it? Yet, in the bid to turn Kitty Bucknell into a figure of hate, the tabloids need to work with what they have. Can they make her look like a liar? Well, the Mail’s Ben Todd and Liz Thomas try:

A TV source added: ‘Kitty seems to be making out to people she was approached, when she actually entered. She seems to be saying it just to make her look good.”

So says an unnamed sourcve about something that “seems” to be the case but might in actul fact be nonsense and irrelevant.

What we want to know is: is Kitty Brunknell suffering for her outrageous behaviour is singing on a singing show while blonde and attractive?

A Sunday newspaper yesterday claimed that Miss Brucknell is suffering under the pressure. After a yet-to-be-screened performance in front of 5,000 people at Wembley Arena, she was reportedly overheard sobbing: ‘This is the worst day of my life. The public are going to hate me.’

Well, if the tabloids carry on like this, some will – yes… If music be the food of hate, Simon Cowell says, “Play on!”


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