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X Factor’s Honeytrap Kitty Brucknell Has Been On Telly Before: Well, Who Hasn’t?

by | 23rd, August 2011

DID Kitty Brucknell know what was expected of her on this season’s X Factor? Before we are introduced to the good singer with the dying granny and shaggable dimples we need to like and vote for, we see Brucknell The Bad. Continuing the tabloid destruction of a 26-year-old girl who wants to be a famaous singer, the Sun yells:

FAME-hungry X Factor wannabe Kitty Brucknell has already appeared on 33 TV and radio shows in her desperate bid to be “bigger than Britney”.

Well, actually Kitty wants to be about the same size as Britney, we having been told that she had liposuction to look more like the singer she impersonates for cash. The Sun is leading the campaign to make Kitty’s life famous but unpleasant by adding to the news that was a honeytrap for poor simple married men looking for an uncomplicated drink with news that she has been on the telly before.

Thanks to Sky TV (prop. Rupert Murdoch), pretty much anyone who wants to be on telly has been. The Sun (prop. Rupert Murdoch) might care to note that with a few hundred channels to fill, Kitty may well heve been immortalised on the magic box before her X Factor airing.

The singer bragged of grabbing work in the UK, Australia, America and even ROMANIA to thrust herself into the public eye. Kitty, 26, landed minor roles on Sky’s Pineapple Dance Studios, Channel 4’s Wedding House and Dinner Date on ITV… and even turned up on BBC1’s daytime To Buy Or Not To Buy.

Starry stuff.

A source arrives to tell Sun readers:

“The whole point of The X Factor is that it’s for people who aren’t famous to realise their dreams.”

No. The whole point of the X Factor – and this if there is one – is to entertain the public. Newspapers readers amy consider the point to be to create news from gas and the drip-drip of phone calls from the X Factor marketing team – for whom the whole point, like ITV’s whole point – is to make money.


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