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Fresh-Faced Larry King Tells Piers Morgan To Shut Up

by | 23rd, August 2011

LARRY King invites Hello! and its readers to look over his massive pile high in the Beverly Hills hills.

When we first encounter Larry he’s sat on a step in the garden. He’s affecting the look of a young boy pulling a cutesy pose for his proud mum and dad. To his side sits his eighth wife, Shawn. Like Larry, she too is chucking herself under the chin with a clenched fist. The pair look unnaturally youthful and bright, like a Norman Rockwell painting you can plug in. Between them are sat their two boys: Chance and Cannon. Larry King is 77. Chance is young enough to offer an explanation as to his name; Canon is the boatings of an old man who still can.

Over the next nine pages, Larry appears dressed in the clothes of progressively younger men. Were the photo spread to go on for another 20 pages, you’d see Larry dressed in a romper suit, his cutesy chin-chucking fist now being chewed in his dazzling baby teeth.

Other than the unsettling experience of Larry and Shawn’s taught skin – a trampoline of foreheads for cannibals and their kids to keep fit on – the piece is highlighted by King’s words of advice to Piers Morgan:

“…I think he interrupts alway too much. If Piers asked me for advice, I’d just say: ‘Allow you guest to finish the answer, and keep yourself out of the context of the interview. Let your guest be the star.”

So says Larry King, former star of Larry King Live…

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