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How’s Jason? What Will Be The BBC’S First Question To Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson?

by | 28th, August 2011

AFTER seven years of silence, Manchester United’s manager Alex Ferguson will deign to speak with the grovelling BBC. “It’s not a grudge, it’s a stance,” said Feguson of his silence.

It all began when the BBC made a limp documentary called Father and Son, which alleged that Ferguson had put pressure on younger players at Old Trafford to sign up with his son Jason, who was operating as a football agent.

Fergie saw something take offence at (as is his way). So. He decided not to honour the contract between the BBC and the Premier League that stipulates that every Premier League manager must tell the hapless sod with the microphone how they feel to have won / lost / drawn. For seen long years BBC viewers have had to make do without Fergie’s pithy reaction to poor referees and the officials’ bad time-keeping. For seven years Garth Crooks has been unable to stew Ferguson’s words and reveal to Match of The Day viewers what the Scot is thinking – really, really thinking.

This has given the chance for Mike Phelan to shine. In all that time, Phelan has not uttered one memorable comment. He’s a master of the post-match interview. Phelan may care to use his free time set up a media training school and teach new footballers how to speak at length and say absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, the chance presents itself for a BBC post-match reporter to make a name for themselves early doors. They could do worse that look at ITV’s Peter Drury, who having told Fergie that he will soon be 70, added “70 going on 17”.

Creepiness is almost as vital as sycophancy when speaking with Ferguson.

So. What will the BBC’s first question to Fergie be?

A) Are you happy, Sir Alex?
B) Good day at the office, sir?
C) How’s Jason?

D) One of your own…

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