Anorak News | Photo Of Massive Frog Captured And Eaten In Malaysia

Photo Of Massive Frog Captured And Eaten In Malaysia

by | 29th, August 2011

SEE that photo of a huge frog? A Chinese man says he found the massive frog in Gemencheh, Malaysia. The frog had been captured by an Orang Asli indigenous tribesman hunting by a river.

Where is the giant frog now? Answer: inside the tribesman and his tribe. They ate it. Well, so goes the giant frog story.

You see, the Chinese frog enthusiast offered to buy the beast for 500 Malaysian Ribbit, sorry, Ringgit (£100) but the simple Orang Asli warrior wanted RM1,000. So. While the Chinaman and his pal went to fetch more cash, the shrewd tribal warrior ate the frog.

Says the disappointed Chinese:

“When my friend returned to the Orang Asli’s house with the money, he discovered that the giant frog had been slaughtered and eaten. It was also learnt that the Orang Asli fell ill after consuming the frog and until today, he is still bed-ridden and unable to move around.”

He may – and pardon us – croak…


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