Anorak News | Hull Family Threatened WIth Big Fine If Child Makes Too Much Noise In Garden

Hull Family Threatened WIth Big Fine If Child Makes Too Much Noise In Garden

by | 31st, August 2011

ALFIE Landsell is so noisy that his mum and dad could be forced to pay a £5,000 fine if he fails to stop. Hull City Council tells Simon and Pippa Lansdell that a complaint has been made about their four-year-old son.
Says Mr Lansdell, 35:

“When I first opened the letter I was shocked, then I was absolutely fuming. We are not sure who has made a complaint. The neighbours we have spoken to are absolutely disgusted about it. Alfie can be noisy and boisterous, but he is just a normal 4-year-old playing in the garden. It’s the summer holidays, for goodness sake. Children need to play outside. I can’t believe the council took this complaint seriously. I think it makes them look very stupid.”

The missive states:

“Failure to comply with such a notice can lead on conviction to a fine, not exceeding £5,000, together with a daily fine of up to £500 for each day the nuisance continues.”

For reasons of case devlopment, a video of Alfie playing is posted on YouTube:

This tells us that: Alfie is always with an adult while playing; is always monitored on camera while in the garden; pebbles are noisier than grass. The ideo also invites comment, like this one:

How about getting toys that don’t sound like bad musical instruments? Take him to the park once and a while… and let the neighbors enjoy their back yard too? Your playing the victim here, I’ve had neighbors like you before too. Just be quiet, that’s why the laws had to be put in place, because people are rude today.

Your thoughts…

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