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127 Hours Sequel: Trapped John Hutt Cuts Off All His Toes

by | 1st, September 2011

THE sequel to 127 Hours is in the pipeline. It stars semi-retired logger John Hutt, 61. While working alone in the remote San Miguel County the morning of Aug. 19,  his foot became caught in six tons of machinery.

He picked up his penknife (3 inches – Trapper Old Timer pocketknife) and cut off all his toes.

He then  drove to a parking lot near the Ridgway Dam and awaited the ambulance that would take him to the Montrose Memorial Hospital.

Says he:

“What are my chances of people finding me? It wasn’t that hard of a decision to make. I just felt trapped.”

Toes… Toes are for wimps…

“So I thought, All right, you might as well cut this thing off. It’s the only way out.’ If I pass out and go into shock, I’m done, and if I drop this pocketknife, I’m done.”

He cut through bones, flesh, nerves and tendon.

“At that point the pain didn’t even matter, it wasn’t like it hurt more.”

He swaddled his wounds in a T-shirt and tied it to his foot with electrical tape.

Says he:

“My son joked that I don’t have to worry about stubbing my toes anymore.”

Well, not unless he’s not looking where he’s going and stands on them…

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