Anorak News | August Riots Drive Britisher People To Emigrate To Albania

August Riots Drive Britisher People To Emigrate To Albania

by | 1st, September 2011

CAN the riots in the UK last month trigger an exodus of cash and Britishers? The website Shelteroffshore conjures up this hideous piece of marketing:

If you thought the rioting and rampaging, the mindless hooliganism, theft, violence and arson that has swept across parts of the UK over the last few days was bad enough, did you know that British taxpayers may actually have to foot the bill for all the damage? It’s true! Thanks to the Riots (Damages) Act of 1886 the police authorities may be forced to foot the bill…and the police authorities are of course funded by the public purse.

This won’t have any bearing on the lawless, feral mobs who tore up Britain – they don’t work or pay tax anyway. But for the rest of Great Britain its reason enough to think about leaving! And if you are thinking about moving abroad, you might like to look and see where you will pay less tax and be less likely to encounter the underclass that the UK has bred over recent generations.

The tip:

From Albania to Estonia and from Latvia to Lithuania you can move to parts of (mainly Eastern or Northern) Europe and know exactly how much of your salary will be taken in tax. Flat taxes exist in such nations to encourage investment and growth – and the local citizens generally welcome them!… the quality of life in Albania is likely to be less than in the UK – so is 10% tax a big enough draw to relocate?

Yes. Anyone who agrees with the writer of the above should leave immediately…

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