Anorak News | Ex-Hoff Gets Booted Out Of The Big Brother House, But Gets Her Revenge On Half The House

Ex-Hoff Gets Booted Out Of The Big Brother House, But Gets Her Revenge On Half The House

by | 2nd, September 2011

YES! We have a 100% accuracy with the whole Predicting Who Is Getting Voted Out Of The Big Brother House thing. You really should start putting money on our guesswork because we’re quite clearly brilliant/sad enough to take an interest in the show.

As predicted, Pamela Bachman Turner Overdrive Hasselhoff was voted off, leaving odious, foetid cockatiel Darryn Lyons in the house with his man-made 20 pack stomach. Seriously. It looks like a dinosaur’s back.

The Hoff’s ex-wife got seven nominations from her housemates who all uniformly thought she was a whining old bag with nothing good to say about anyone.

Hardly surprising really when you consider that professional scad-occupiers Bobby and Lucien couldn’t stop crying with laughter as she told them about the time she nearly died in a motorbike accident. That’s right. We, as a nation, have bred men who think near fatal motoring accidents are perfectly good things to laugh about in someone’s face.

And so, on leaving the house to a chorus of shrugs, Pam sat down for her interview with Brian Dowling (still doing a remarkably good job it has to be said) and relived her short stay in the house… but with a twist. She was asked who she’d like to save from the public vote this Friday.

The ex-lehoff decided to save Jedward, Paddy Doherty, Amy Childs and Kerry Katona. This means the Bobby ‘vapid’  Sabel, Darryn ‘Bowser guts’ Lyons, Lucien ‘laughs at your tragedy’ Laviscount and Tara ‘enforced detox’ Reid to face the public vote.

Personally, we would’ve like to see her choose One Of Jedward, leaving The Other One From Jedward to worry tears up through their robot faces all week. You can’t have everything sadly.

Still, they could be up for the vote, thanks to their being hugely irritating, throwing chairs in the pool and flinging soup around the kitchen. Golden Rule of Big Brother No.1 – don’t mess around in the kitchen unless you want everyone to treat you with more contempt than Colonel Gadaffi.

Katona is still the bookies favourite to win the show. And who will be voted out next? You should totally put your money on Darryn Lyons. While he’s slightly less hateful than Sabel and Lucian Lumberchump, he’s not nearly as easy on the eye.

Ugly always loses to Pretty in the early stages of Big Brother.

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