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David Beckham’s Tattoos Give You Cancer

by | 2nd, September 2011

HATS (but not under the cancer giving sun – ed) off to the Daily Mail’s Damien Gayle for writing beneath the headline: “Now tattoos give you cancer.”

Now… Tsk! Look at what they’ve gone and done noowwwwwwww…

Now tattoos give you cancer: U.S. regulator probes fears inks contain carcinogenic chemicals.

Go on:

Smoking, drinking, sunbathing and mobile phones have all been implicated in the surge in cancer diagnoses. But now it seems another cause may soon be added to the ever-growing list: tattoos.

You can see the list here.

serious epidemiological studies pose difficulties, since getting a tattoo is still risky behaviour.

Is it?

Attempting to isolate whether these are the carcinogenic factors in a group of people who habitually engage in risk taking behaviours – like smoking – is impossible…

So how do you know tattoos give you cancer?

A spokesman for the agency [FDA] said: “Because the dyes and inks used in tattoos have not been approved by FDA, we do not know the specific composition of what these inks and dyes may contain. Therefore, we are unable to evaluate for chronic health concerns, such as cancer.”

To recaps: we do not know that tattoos cause cancer but in case they do, let’;s say they do.


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