Anorak News | Billy Joe Armstong Buys Comfi-Slax Reversi Jeans For A Better In-Flight Experience

Billy Joe Armstong Buys Comfi-Slax Reversi Jeans For A Better In-Flight Experience

by | 3rd, September 2011

BILLY Joe Armstrong, lead singer of punk rock band Green Day, is 39. He tweets that he has been removed from a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland-to-Burbank for wearing his trousers too low. Says he:

“Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f—? No joke!”

ABC7 news producer Cindy Qiu was also on the flight. She says Armstrong reacted by asking the pants police if there were “better things to do than worry about that?”

The answer is a clear “no”. What is more important than your trousers?

Anorak calls to mind the wise words of Jeremy Hackett, co-funder of Hackett who said of corduroy trousers:

“They have a more gentle look than jeans, which can look a bit aggressive.”

We are not told what material Armstrong’s low-slung strides were made of but we would wager they were not friendly corduroy, the trouser of passivity.

While we’re unconvinced that jeans are aggressive – especially those dark blue jeans worn by men of a certain age and pulled high over the navel – cords are as gentle as the Dalai Lama in a pair of cashmere mittens. .

Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins (Oxford bags in cobalt blue)  tells media:

“As soon as we became aware of what had happened, we reached out to apologize for this Customer’s experience. He elected to take the next flight. We followed up with this Customer and involved Employees to get more details and, in our latest conversations, understand from the Customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction.”

Anorak is disdainful of the episode, it being the kind of thing that passes for debate in these uncertain times. So. In the spirit of reform we bring to market the Comfi-Slax Reversi, a denim-corduroy trouser with leatherette knees and smart felt piping that can be edgy when Armstong demands repsect and comfortable when he’s sitting on a flight wondering if the Lee drainpipes are cutting off the circulation to his nether regions…

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