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Turk Guvenligi Hacks Daily Telegraph And Other Websites

by | 5th, September 2011

THE Daily Telegraph has been hacked. Also hit are UPS, BetFair, The Register, Vodafone, National Geographic and around 200 other sites. All sites are vulnerable. It’s just a shock that such big sites should be so easily hit.

The hackers are called Turk Guvenligi (trans: Turkish Security, Come to Papa).The sites are still there – the hackers attacked the domain name system (DNS), by which users are directed to websites.

This means that emails sent to the sites would have been delivered to the hackers’ site.

Back in April this year, the Telegraph was hacked by a group called Romanian National Security. It was upset at the paper’s identification of “gypsies” and “Romanians”.

On sections of the paper’s site, readers sw a picture of a Romanian flag and the message that the “Romanian National Security” had visited. A message informed one and all: “Guess what, gypsies aren’t romanians, morons”. The hackers are “sick of seeing garbage like this … calling us Romanians ‘gypsies'”. Another parts lambasts Britain for “broadcasting shitty TV programs like Top Gear”.

A link took visitors to a Russian site which plays an MP3 called The Lonely Shepherd.

But why did these Turkish hackers do it?

The NextWeb quotes them:

“First we target site itself. if we cant find a vuln. on the script of site we try accessing server or vps. If none of them works we try domain company. The hardest one is reaching the domain company but if you can succeed there will be a treasure for you :D

It’s just bad luck for the sites hit that they were on the books of the hacked domain company. Can it not be argued that these hackers perform a vital role in keeping tech companies on their toes? It also makes us wonder why such skilled techies don’t set up their own company of get head-hunted by their victims…

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