Anorak News | Miss Universe Outrage: Colombia Needs To Wear Underpants (Photos)

Miss Universe Outrage: Colombia Needs To Wear Underpants (Photos)

by | 7th, September 2011

CATALINA Robayo is the star of Donald Trump’s Miss Universe on account of her going out the house without her knickers on.

Anorak enjoys the words of a source telling Fox News:

“Colombia had to be spoken to and told she needed to wear underpants as what she was doing was totally inappropriate. People have been pretty upset by it; there have been photos and media appearances where she has completely had her crotch out.”

Colombia needs to wear underpants. It’s the way Miss Universe would work if she really did have power over all the worlds. Anorak’s waits to be hold that France needs to exfoliate, Germany needs to stop hogging the remote control and India needs to save a breakfast waffle for Iran.


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Miss Universe contestants Anastagia Pierre, of Bahamas, left, and Colombia's Catalina Robayo pose for a picture as they visit a samba school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011. The Miss Universe pageant will be held in Sao Paulo on Sept. 12. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)


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