Anorak News | Women-Hating Daily Mail Hits Out At Other Vile Internet Scum Who Criticise Women Online

Women-Hating Daily Mail Hits Out At Other Vile Internet Scum Who Criticise Women Online

by | 8th, September 2011

THE Daily Mail delivers “Your starter for hell” the story of “University Challenge girls suffer vile internet abuse“.

Andrew Levy tells us:

It began with Gail Trimble, the Oxford student whose triumphant appearances on University Challenge led to online sniping about her being a ‘horse-toothed snob’. Now other female contestants on the programme have been subjected to offensive internet campaigns.

Curse that internet!

Allison Pearson was right when she told Mail readers of Ms Trimble:

It pains me to report that many of the internet comments are simply too nasty to print.

Sure, Pearson also looked at Princess Beatrice in her swimmers and opined:

“I fear Bea is in danger of combining her mother’s to-curling excesses with her dad’s physique.”

But she had made her point – and it was a point worth making.

Anyhow back to Levy’s piece:

One had her photograph posted on a blog beside sexual images. Others have been criticised for the way they speak, their clothes and their nervous habits.

In other Daily Mail news you can read on the vile internet, the Daily Mail has articles entitled – and these just from today:

* How Kim Kardashian covers up her psoriasis spots… the before and after pictures

* Another Lohan in trouble? Lindsay’s sister Ali debuts shockingly skinny new look

* Enjoying your freedom? Big Brother star Tara Reid looks the worse for wear as she hits the town again

* Skinny Katie Holmes leaves the gym drenched in sweat after exhausting work-out – With her damp hair scraped back, she looked worn-out as she shuffled to her car in a pair of Ugg boots after changing out of her sneakers.

* The actress’ skinny frame has been the subject of magazine headlines

* Charlize Theron and Tess Daly join in the madness for baggy trousers

Now…back to those internet trolls…

* Sleepless nights? Selma Blair is weary-eyed as she tenderly cuddles her little man Arthur

* Hard to tell where the swimsuit ends and the tan begins! Katie Price matches her orange skin to her neon leotard at magazine launch

More abusive articles on women in the Daily Mail every day…

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