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Red Or Black Renamed Black And Blue As Second Wife Beater Hits Cowell’s Show

by | 11th, September 2011

WHEN Nathan Hageman won a million pounds on Simon Cowell’s ITV fairground show Red Or Black the tabloids were outraged. Hageman had been jailed for assaulting a woman. It took a confession from Cowell of three-in-a-bed-sex sometime in his dim and distant past to push the bad news on the bad show from the front pages. But now its is back on the cover. The People declares:

RED or BLACK – Wife Beater No 2

To quote another ITV Saturday night show, what’s yer name and where d’yer come from?

It’s dad-of-four Ryan Keating from Leeds.

Says he:

“I was honest with them from the outset. I’ve been totally on the level. They’ve stitched me up because they were scared of the headlines – but it’s total double standards. What Nathan did was 100 times worse than me and he lied about his past but he still got to walk away with £1million.” He said: “I tell the truth and get kicked out. They are such hypocrites.”

He is The People’s respectable Gary“.

How respectable is Ryan?

Jobless Ryan was struggling to look after his four kids and saving up for a second wedding to Dylean, 25, the wife who had divorced him after his attack on her three years earlier.

Are we being invited to compare the actions of one woman beater with another?

Respectable Ryan appeared at ­magistrates in Leeds. For pleading guilty to battery and criminal damage. He received a 12-month community order and £50 fine. (He says his lover’s injuries were accidental.)

Nathan got five years jail for his attack on a woman.

It follows, surely, that Nathan is at least five times worse than Ryan.

In other news, readers are invited to work out if Rebecca Loos is Posher than Victoria Beckham.

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