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The Bradford Pizza Mystery: Local News Story Classic

by | 11th, September 2011

LOCAL News Story of The Day is in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, which announces:

Owner of pizza bar says sorry and blames computer glitch

It gets even better:

A family are disgusted with a Bradford fast food restaurant after their son was labelled with an abusive term on a receipt delivered with their pizza order. The Gill family have vowed to boycott Rajas pizza bar in Oak Lane, Manningham, that they have used for more than five years, after the insult appeared on their computerised bill.

Already you want to know what was written on the bill. You do, don’t you.

Martin Gill, 19, who placed the telephone order, said: “I’m pretty shocked that a company like that can get away with this. I’ve been going there three or four times a month for the past five or six years but I won’t be going back.”

If a company like Rajas pizzas can get away with it, anyone can get away with it.

But beyond the hyperbole, you are wondering what was written on that order, aren’t you.

The teenager had just taken delivery of three pizzas at his family home in Oakfield Grove with dad Terry and his partner Michelle Jenkin and brothers Richard, 19 and Darren, 16. So he was shocked when he saw that under the section for the customer’s name an abusive term had been typed.

And it was…?

A spokesman for Rajas told the Telegraph & Argus the mistake could have happened because of a glitch in the firm’s computer system or it could have been someone playing “a joke”.

What was said?

Owner Azis Raja suggested Martin Gill might have used the profanity when ordering the pizzas, a claim he denied.

What profanity?

Mr Raja said he would check the takeaway’s computer system to get to the bottom of the complaint. “If this has been an error on our part, we really apologise for that,” he said.

And with that the story ends. We will never know what was written on the pizza slip – unless Martin Gill wants to tell us..?

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