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Raoul Moat Shot Himself Twice In The Head While Stunned?

by | 12th, September 2011

RAOUL Moat was the murderous Newcastle doorman, Facebook legend and dick-head magnet who shot himself TWICE in the head and killed from “beyond the grave“.

The media is lapping up details of Inquest into Moat’s time on the run after he murdered Chris Brown, the partner of his ex Samantha Stobbart whom he shot in the stomach, and blinded PC David Rathband by firing a gun into his face.

Moat died in Rothbury, Northumberland, after a stand off with armed police.

The BBC reports:

Gunman Raoul Moat may have shot himself twice in the head, the inquest into his death has heard. A police negotiator said he heard what he thought was two shots, before the former doorman’s head “fell back”.

He shot himself twice in the head as police shot him at close quarters with barely tested XREP taser stun guns they’d practiced using on sacks? You will recall that the police fired at Moat as he rested his head on his gun. The thinking is that the taser bolts might have caused Moat to press the trigger…involuntarily.

Pro-Tect, the weapon’s UK suppliers, “had its licence revoked for supplying it to Northumbria Police not long after Moat’s death”.

Over in the Sun, that possibly double shot to the head becomes fact. The police negotiator says:

“My colleagues were shouting, ‘Raoul, put the gun down; Raoul don’t end it, don’t do it, think of your kids.’ But he didn’t listen. At that point there was a pop and the firearm moved several inches from his head. He made a scream, he shouted out ‘ow’ loudly, then pushed the gun back against his temple. There was a second pop and a diamond-shaped flash, and that’s when he shot the side of his head off and there was an exit from the side of his head. And then he fell over and that was the end.”

The BBC says he “may” have shot himself twice. The Sun says he did.

The Sun aadds:

MANIAC fugitive Raoul Moat told cops he ate DEAD MICE while on the run.

A police negotiator told the inquest into his death: “He told us he had been starving and had been eating dead mice. Giving him food and drink was a positive action in which he learned to trust us a little bit. It taught him that not all police officers are bad.”

Did it? Is that how you teach a maniac who declared war on the police? Maybe Gazza’s chicken might have saved the day after all…

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