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Parrots That Bark Like Dogs Provide Security In Shropshire

by | 20th, September 2011

HURRAH for green-winged macaws Elvis and Cilla whose barking like a dog causea burglars to scarper. The birds hang in a cage at MP Guarding security company, in Telford, Shropshire.

Says the birds’ owner Owner Trevor Bate, 44:

“They picked it up when we lived in Spain, where our neighbour had a Scottie dog called Bailey and it would bark all the time. His owner would come out and shout at him. Once we returned to the UK, we thought this would be an ideal way of saving money on a guard dog.”

But are parrots that sound like dogs the most reliable security device? Elvis and Cilla can also say “give us a kiss”, “hello” and “fabulous”. Might it be better that the birds say things like “We’re coming to get you, Margaret”, “Allah Wakbar” accompanied by the sound of AK47 firearms, and “Ah, Prince edward – we’ve been expecting you”?

You might also wonder why any burglar would steal from a security company who are likely to back up their angry birds with locks…

Spotter: Metro


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