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Spice Girl Mel B’s ‘Giggle Birth’ And Crap X Factor News

by | 20th, September 2011

MELANIE Brown, aka former Spice Girl Mel B, continues her drive to be Melanie Brown, mother, in this week’s Hello!.

Hello! says Mel has gone from “making music to making babies”. One day she will make music for babies and introduce the album Music To Make Babies By, but for now Mel is presenting her “GORGEOUS” news baby Madison.

Madison is Mel’s third daughter, each squired by a different man.

Early on, you get the impression that Hello! is not all that bothered about Mel or her baby. Having couched the descption of said “gorgeous” child in inverted commas, it asks:

You went to Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries just days before you delivered. How was that?

Next question:

Kim says she wants to start a family…

Mel finally gets on to talking about Mel. She tells us that after “five big chuckles” Madison popped out of her laughing box.

“I am so glad I had the giggle birth rather than the painful birth”

She also had the epidural birth.

But that’s not all. Mel is a judge of the X Factor Australia. Says she:

“You can work with constructive criticism, it toughens you up… I try to explain how people can improve…I did tell someone, ‘You’re crap'”…


“I wish I’d followed it up with, ‘Because…'”

Touching stuff from former Spice Girl Mel B…

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