Anorak News | Lady GaGa Pours Champagne Onto The Disabled People Of New York

Lady GaGa Pours Champagne Onto The Disabled People Of New York

by | 20th, September 2011

WHAT is the correct term of disabled people these days? Obviously ‘people’ is more than adequate as one doesn’t want to define everyone by their disabilities.

However, in this instance, their disability is key to the story as we attempt to paint a picture of Lady GaGa being ghoulish and nasty.

See, the singer – while at a New York Giants game – was pictured pouring champagne into a section designated for handicapped fans at MetLife Stadium last night.

Booze. All over people with various disabilities. You’re probably picturing people in wheelchairs, unable to move, being mocked by a wealthy pop-singer aren’t you?

However, there’s a chance that people in the disabled section all gave her a cheeky wink, shouted “GIVE US SOME BOOZE YOU TIGHT FISTED SOD!” and opened their mouths for GaGa to pour champers in.

It could’ve happened. You’re just assuming that people with disabilities don’t have the clout to demand booze from strangers.

Which, if you think about it, is more worrying than a celebrity pouring ale on them.

Now we don’t which side to take. Curse these liberal leanings! We could’ve been getting angry about something we didn’t even see!



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