Anorak News | Nicholas Cage’s Hair Is Proof That Vampires Exist: Photos

Nicholas Cage’s Hair Is Proof That Vampires Exist: Photos

by | 23rd, September 2011

NICHOLAS Cage has been outed by an eBay user named Jack Mord, an “antique image dealer” who has a photo from 1870 of man who looks like the slack-jawed actor.

Indeed, the seller of the photograph says Cage is so much like the man in the picture he must be the one and same, sensibly concluding that the actor is a vampire who can life forever.

Ingenioulsy Cage has poo-pooed the truth by pretending to lose his hair by skilled and painful plucking. But eventually Cage tired of this routine and left his flowing lock to return.

Understandably, Mord views his photograph as a valuable cultural artefact and proof of vampires. He wants a mere $1million for it.

Says Mord of Cage:

“Personally I believe he is some sort of walking/undead vampire who quicken/reinvents himself once every 75 years or so.”


“150 years from now he might be a politician, leader of a cult or talk-show.”

He might really puts hundreds of years of learning to use and become merchant banker.


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