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Cancer Cured With Greek Horse Innards

by | 25th, September 2011

CANCER DRUG is Holy Grail.” So says the Sunday Express on its front page.

The news seems fabulous:

SCIENTISTS will today reveal the “holy grail” of cancer treatment, a smart drug that destroys the disease without unpleasant side effects.

Great. Cancer has been beaten. Why hasn’t ever paper led with this fantastic news? (Can the Daily Mail survive the loss of its pet story?)

The new treatment, dubbed the “stealth bomber”, has already increased survival rates among patients with advanced breast cancer and could be adapted to fight all forms of the disease.

Hold on. Destroying the disease has turned to prolonging life…?

If more trials, now under way, confirm these results it could be widely available within two years.


Professor Paul Ellis, from Guy’s Hospital in London, says:

“The concept of a drug like this which increases survival with far less side effects is the holy grail of cancer medicine…”


And then without irony the Express’s writer Lucy Johnston says:

Being unveiled today at a European cancer conference in Stockholm, it has been likened to a Trojan horse.

Wasn’t the Trojan horse the thing that looked like a gift that would save lives but turned out to harbour a more insidious form of death?

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