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If Arsenal Are In Crisis Figures Indicate Barcelona Are F*cked

by | 25th, September 2011

ARSENAL’S highest attendance at the Emirates Stadium was marked by the 60,161 souls who turned up to watch them take on Manchester United, FA Premier League, 3 November 2007. The stadium’s capacity is 60,335.

Last season, Arsenal’s average attendance was 60,025. The seasons before that it was: 59,927; 60,039; 60,070; and 60,045.

So far this season, Arsenal have been watched by:

60,090 (v Liverpool)
60,087 (v Swansea)
59,727 (v Bolton)

That gives an average attendance of 59,968.

And that leads to the BBC reporting:

Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal’s poor form contributed to their lowest Premier League home crowd of the season against Bolton on Saturday. But the Gunners boss warned that global economic problems could lead to lower attendances throughout the league.

This smacks of conjuring up a story before it has happened. It cannot be denied that failing teams will attract fewer spectators. But the facts at Arsenal do not support the media story of Arsenal’s apparent demise.

The Beeb’s news follows the Sun’s blinkered story that Arsenal fans are leaving in their droves because 46, 539 fans came to watch the mid-week match between the Gunners reserves and League 2 team Shrewsbury Town.

That is the lowest ever crowd at the Emirates.

This means that Arsenal’s lowest attended match was played before a stadium 77% full.

Now let’s compare to Barcelona, universally accepted to be the best team in the world and a must see on every tourist’s to-do list.

Barcelona’s last four seasons’ average attendances are: 73225; 74070; 67560; and 71300.

Barcelona’s Nou Camp can hold 99,354 fans.

This means that for the last four seasons the Nou Camp has worked at capacities of: 74%; 75%; 68%; and 72%.

Taking into account all Arsenal games this season, the average attendance is – including the Gunners’ match against Udinese wathed by 58159 fans‎ –  56920. The Emirates is running at an average of 94% capcaity.

If Arsenal are in crisis, what’s going on at poor old Barcelona..?

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