Anorak News | Amanda Knox: The Bald Blonde’s Truth With Diya ‘Patrick’ Lumumba, Sex And Lies

Amanda Knox: The Bald Blonde’s Truth With Diya ‘Patrick’ Lumumba, Sex And Lies

by | 27th, September 2011

AMANDA Knox, one of Meredith Kercher’s killers, is on the cover of the UK papers. The British student was killed in Perugia on Nov 1, 2007. In 2008, Rudy Guede, 20, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison, reduced to 16 years on appeal 
Amanda Knox and Knox and Raffaele Sollecito trial begins. Found guilty of murder and sexual violence, they are jailed for 26 and 25 years respectively

The Daily Mail’s front page says:

“Why she-devil Foxy mustn’t be freed”

Her nickname – a play on her blondeness – makes the story fly.

A writer on a site called Digital Journal says:

Knox is said to be a shadow of her former self, and losing her hair in prison. If justice is done next week, the next time she is seen in public, she’ll be bald.

The Times’s front page is factual:

“Knox was a she-devil lawyer tells appeal court”

The Independent’s front page gives Knox a religious choice:

“Saint or she-devil.’ Court must rule on Amanda Knox Murder appeal”

Back in 2007, when Diya “Patrick” Lumumba, a Congolese bar-owner who was jailed for two weeks after Knox initially identified him as the killer. She testified that she “remembered Patrick killing Meredith”. Knox had “stayed in the kitchen covering her ‘ears to drown out the screams”.

His lawyer Carlo Pacelli tells the court – via The Times:

Carlo Pacelli quoted testimony by Ms Kercher’s friends about tensions between the two over the American’s alleged promiscuity and bad bathroom hygiene. At the time of the murder, Knox was “an explosive mix of drugs, sex and alcohol”, he said. He claimed that Knox had a split personality. One side is “angelic, good, compassionate, and in some ways even saintly”, he said. The other is “Lucifer-like, demonic, satanic, diabolic” and “longs to live out borderline extreme behaviour”. Urging the jury to ignore her “doll-like” appearance, he added: “She is a spell-casting witch, a virtuoso of deceit.”

Pacelli’s words echo an earlier comments by Richard Owen, of The Times, back in 2009:

She is a wide-eyed innocent, a normal, high-spirited, all-American college student. She came to Italy to learn the language and became caught up in a nightmare of accusations over the death of her British housemate.

She is a she-devil, manipulative, unscrupulous, a born actress and a liar, a killer whose angelic face is betrayed by her ice-blue eyes. She taunted and fought with her housemate and eventually killed her in a drug-fuelled sex game out of hatred and revenge, with her submissive Italian boyfriend and one of the “strange men” she kept bringing back to the house. Then she tried to blame an innocent man.

The question for the jury throughout this marathon trial boiled down to this: which version of Amanda Knox did they believe in?

Now, Lumumba tells the media outside court:

“I ask for justice, not vendetta. She is a great actress, I know her better than most. I don’t know if she was the assassin, but she lied because she needed time.”

Lumumba sued Knox for libel, winning 40,000 euros ($54,000) in damages.

Was something lost in translation? Knox’s father Curt says:

“It was so over top of what I believe would be necessary as a lawyer, he just assaulted her verbally and that’s wrong, flat wrong. Calling her a she Devil that is just wrong and when you look at humanity I just don’t believe that is the way you handle yourself. It was an all out personal attack. I’m sure it was hurtful to her but we didn’t even get a chance to speak with her. As the translation was coming in I was thinking, you are just so wrong. He doesn’t even know her, he has never met her and he basically assaulted her verbally in a court room and that’s unfortunate.”

The Christian Post quotes him:

“It has been a struggle this entire time being in prison, having your freedom taken away for something you haven’t done,” he said. “But, these past few months have really been a struggle for her just because the light is really on at the end of the tunnel as a real opportunity to have a chance to come home.”

Knox will soon address the court.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer, Knox’;s local read, has been backing the hometown girl. Candace Dempsey is emotional:

After three days of lies, exaggerations, insults and no evidence, the prosecution closing is finally over over. Raffaele Sollecito’s defense up Tuesday; Amanda’s on Wednesday.

Lawyer Francesco Maresca (representing the victim’s family) fibbed today, claiming victim had no defense wounds, therefore had to be group attack. Massei Report cites cuts on palm and fingers consistent with knife held to throat by single attacker (Rudy Guede, obviously, since he had knife cuts on his fingers and only he left evidence at crime scene.).

From Patrick Lumumba’s lawyer, the unsavory Carlo Pacelli, we learned that college students who have sex are evil, but only if they’re female and American like Amanda Knox. Okay for Brits and Italians–and all men.


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Amanda Knox, right, listens to her lawyer Maria Del Grosso, at the Perugia court, Italy, Saturday, May 21, 2011. A tearful Amanda Knox said Saturday that being in prison is "very frustrating and mentally exhausting" as the American student convicted of murdering her roommate insisted she is innocent and does not want to spend the rest of her life behind bars. Knox was emotional as she briefly addressed the appeals court in Perugia at the end of the session, her voice breaking at times and her eyes tearing up. She was convicted in 2009 of sexually assaulting and murdering Meredith Kercher of Britain, and sentenced to 26 years in prison. (AP Photo/Stefano Medici)


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