Anorak News | KKK Sets Up Florida Ice-Cream Parlour: Flakes All Round

KKK Sets Up Florida Ice-Cream Parlour: Flakes All Round

by | 27th, September 2011

TO Ocala, Florida, where the KKK are flogging ice-cream in the sort of herren kinder recruitment drive Adolf Hitler overlooked. The good folks of Ice Cream Family Corner and Sandwiches will one day have an office in every town. Only is that a KKK hood?

The Ocala Star-Banner reports:

Liza Diaz, who manages the store… said an employee at the bank where she does business told her a co-worker was so frightened by the white dollop patrolling the street corner that she called her husband crying and refused to drive through the intersection.

“One (customer) told me, ‘I had to think twice before coming in here because I thought it was KKK,’ ” Diaz said.

The shop is owned by Jose Cantres and Jesus Diaz. They say they had never heard of the KKK until news reached their ears that people thought their ice-crem outfits looks like hoods worn by white supremacists. And what a costume:

The costume tends to sag around the wearer’s shoulders, and the waffle cone is mostly obscured by the sign the mascot holds in front of him. So to a motorist who gets only a glance cruising past at 40 mph, it can—and apparently does—look like a menacing Klansman.

Now do you see. They are not in the KKK. They are ambulatory ice-creams. Well, they were. The promotion is at an end.

Meanwhile, vistors to the nearbye Good Old Boys Meting’ n’n Greeting’ House are advised to admire the new outfits and go for the usual flake…

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