Anorak News | Roman Polanski Acknowledges That He Probably Shouldn’t Have Sex With 13 Year Old Girls

Roman Polanski Acknowledges That He Probably Shouldn’t Have Sex With 13 Year Old Girls

by | 28th, September 2011

IT must be difficult being faced with a supposedly genius filmmaker, especially when he’s got a penchant for having sex with minors.

This was the trouble faced by Ewan McGregor and Kate Winslet, who have both starred in films of Roman Polanski lately, and gushed about how clever he is in print, neatly sidestepping any awkward questions about ALL THAT.

However, oddly, the French-Polish filmmaker is now the one chattering away about it all and has, at long last, managed to mention the thing everyone’s been muttering about for aaaaaaaaaaages.

In a documentary that aired at the Zurich Film Festival this week, he spoke about Samantha Geimer, the 13-year-old he was charged with sexually assaulting in Los Angeles. describing her as “a double victim”.

He said:

“my victim, and a victim of the press”.

Mostly Roman Polanski’s victim though, you’ll agree. Of course, Polanski fled to France hours before sentencing in the case, which everyone really enjoyed. In fact, Hollywood cares so little that this man is a child-molester that he was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the film festival. That’ll sit nicely with his Academy Awards that he won pretty recently.

Ain’t the world a wonderful, wonderful place?

The full case files.


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