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Why Goldie Cheung Left The X Factor: A Village Reacts

by | 2nd, October 2011

GOLDIE Cheung has left the X Factor. The Tina Turner / Yoko Ono hybrid has walked out on the show. This is the same Goldie who walked out on show last week. Back in September, the Daily Mail told us:

Goldie quits X Factor … for making fun of her and using her as a ‘joke act’

One week on and the Daily Star tells readers:

X FACTOR star Goldie Cheung today reveals the reason she will quit the show tonight – her love for her two young sons.

We hear form a “neighbour who lives close to Goldie, her husband David Webb, 52, and two sons aged eight and ten in Lathom, West Lancashire”. Can it be that Goldie is banned from talking to the media? And get a load of the language uses by this unnamed neighbour:

“Everyone has been wondering why she quit. There’s been a lot of speculation about it ever since it came out. But the truth is she just couldn’t bear to be away from her boys. It’s very rural and quiet here. Goldie is very down to earth, she does the school run, goes to the local shops and is a real bubbly character.”

Bubbly? Does anyone outside showbiz and tabloid newsrooms say bubbly?

“Yes, she’s got this extrovert side to her but I’ve been told that she had reservations about moving down to London and living in the house. She would’ve struggled with the cameras constantly being on her while at the same time she would’ve missed her kids terribly. In the end, after agonising over the decision, she decided to quit. It was a massive opportunity for her to turn down and I know she’s very grateful for the opportunity she’s had.”

Blimey. Everyone’s talking in spokesperson English, even a neighbour in rural and quiet parts of Lancashire.

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