Anorak News | Occupy Wall Street: Fighting Greed And Global Warming With An Apple MacBook But Not Radiohead

Occupy Wall Street: Fighting Greed And Global Warming With An Apple MacBook But Not Radiohead

by | 2nd, October 2011

OCCUPY Wall Street is a movement stopping movement on the Brooklyn Bridge and other streets in New York City. It does not feature Radiohead:

#occupywallstreet would like to apologize to the members of the press and public who came out today to see Radiohead and left disappointed. We would also like to apologize to the band directly, and appreciate their kind words of support in the face of this confusion. They had nothing to do with what happened today.

Over the last twenty-four hours #occupywallstreet received several emails purportedly from Radiohead’s manager detailing a show for Friday, September 30th at four in the afternoon. Due to miscommunication within our rapidly expanding and adjusting group, we were unable to determine that this was a hoax in time; it can be difficult to seperate rumor from fact in an open source movement.

Can a campaign survive without a celebrity endorsement?

USA Today loads the dice:

More than 700 protesters demonstrating against corporate greed, global warming and social inequality, among other grievances, were arrested Saturday after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours in a tense confrontation with police. They sleep on air mattresses, use Mac laptops and play drums. They go to the bathroom at the local McDonald’s.

The intelligence quotient among the protestors seems lacking. Animal New York reports:

The New York Times is reporting that “about 500″ Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested for walking onto the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday afternoon, including this much talked about young person. The NYPD appears to have duped the marchers by allowing access to the car lanes and leading them up the bridge, only to kettle the demonstrators not long after.

Duped by the NYPD. Do the cops have Macs..?

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